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At OJPeters Technologies Inc, we focus on servicing small business. As a business owner, there are many things that look trivial but based on our experience can make a big difference.
For example, you are business owner who has been relying on flyers to get your products out there. This is not only limiting your growth to a small geographic location but can also affect your bottom line. You probably think that creating a website for your business is only for the new generation. Talk to us today and we can help you strategically align your business strategy to the realities of today. We help you address little things that matter. These include by not limited to the following:

Small/medium Size Businesses with NO Website

  • We help you get your business online
  • We provide you with free tools that can help you grow faster
  • We help you setup up social media pages to help you reach out to your customersv
  • We help setup up online contact forms so that can easily receive leads from your website on your mobile phone

Small/Medium Business with an existing website
We help you find tune your business process buy working with you to engage in the following:

  • Fix small problems that drag your website down
  • Help you optimize your databases
  • Help you with your web design and look and feel issues
  • Help you build new features
  • Help you add rotating banners to advertise your products on your home page
  • Work with you on your advertising plan, setup mailing lists so that you can reach our to your customers.
  • Write small software helpers that can increase the efficiency of your business operations.


Business Websites, Ecommerce solution, Process Automation!



Build YourWebsites

Showcase your business online! Whether you need a website for your associations,business, ecommerce or affiliate marketing Call us Now

MaintainWeb Assets

Maintain Your Web Assets To ensure optimal performance and 99.9% uptime.We help you fix issues,on-page SEO optimization

Build NewAdd-ons

We help our Clients to add new features: Additional pages, add payment gateway, load products to your store or build a new e-commerce store.