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Call to undefined method CI_DB_mysqli_driver::_error_number()

  Posted in Codeigniter | 27th July, 2018


If you are a codeigniter developer   and you are in the middle of a project scratching your heard asking why you cannot get a DB insert/delete success message determined, you are in the right place. You may not be doing anything wrong.


Here is a sample code that can generate the error message:Call to undefined method CI_DB_mysqli_driver::_error_number()


            return true;
            $this->logmessage('error', 'Attempted to delete user ' . $report['error'] . ' failed (MySQL Error:' . mysql_error() . ')');
            return false;

The Codeigniter function $this->db->_error_message() has been deprecated and will no longer work in the newer versions of codeigniter.

This error message can be fixed by changing the call

from $this->db->_error_message()



This method's response will return an array  containing code (1 or 0 )and an error message

Your new function should  be updated as fillows:



       //all good
            return true;
            echo      $report['message'];
            return false;

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