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Onsite Support: Fixing computers at home- Toronto and Area

  Posted in News | 9th February, 2018


Onsite Support: Fixing computers at home- Toronto and Area

Almost every home you can think of has one or more computers and so are issues with either with the software or hardware. In most developed countries, majority of the issues are software related while in most third world countries the computer problems are mostly power surge. Because there is an unstable power supply, power spikes can rake havoc on the small power supply units that drive these computers. That does not mean that power supply problems do not occur in developed countries. We can conveniently say that the percentage of broken computers due to power supply is a lot less.

Why take your computer to computer Shop to repair?

There are a number of reasons why you should not take your computer to an open shop. If your computer is already running before breaking down. Chances are that you have important information saved on the hard drive. You don't want to mess with those important priceless information.

You might also be too busy with work schedule and may not have time to send your PC to an unknown shop only to be told, you need to change your hard drive and that all previous data has been fried. We can help you at home:  call us now on 6479689191

You can repair your computers at home- We are in Brampton Call us

The following are issues that are likely to be fixed on by onsite support professionals.

OJPeters provide onsite support service. We address your software/hardware support needs at the comfort of your home.

Home Wi-Fi issues. We will come onsite to look at the issues you have. Review your Wi-fi to examine the signal strength. We can also reposition your router box to strategic areas in your home for maximum coverage. We also provide support for extending network at home for better coverage

Call OJPeters now on 6479689191

Printer issues fixed at home

We address home printer issues. If your wireless printer has stopped working. Don't worry, we will take of this for you. If you have purchased a new printer but wasn't sure of what to do, call us on 6479689191

Window Update issues, Windows restarting problems

The latest Windows updates especially Windows 1703 and 1709 issues has created panic in many homes. We will come to your house and resolve the issue.

Issues related to windows update comes in various shapes and there is a chance that your drive may crash due to continuous reboot. Windows update sometimes can be quick but big updates like 1709 has a lot of dependencies which your computer may not be handling well. We will analyse the issues at home and fix the computer. If it requires a re-install, we will professionally advise you. Call us now on 6479689191


Transfer data from computer to Computer at home

We will help you back up your precious data to ensure that you do not lose them. If you have contacts that you want moved from desktop to your mobile device, we are there to help you fix your data transfer issues at home. It is important that the reason we come to your help to help you fix your computer to provide convenience and data security

Mobile Devices handling and usage

We provide tutorials on how to use your Android Phone tablets and app devices. Technologies are changing so are devices. To keep devices in good standing, companies are deploying software updates. These updates with all good intentions can case problems and disrupt your business. Call us to day for walk you through how to use your devices. We also help you connect your devices to your local area network or Wi-Fi. If your devices are not connecting to home Wi-fi, Call OJPeters now on 6479689191

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